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Meet Jen.  Jen is the owner of Jen's Mutt Hutt and Jen's Mutt Hutt, Too.  With over 20 years of grooming experience and a real love of dogs and cats she can make a day at the spa fun for your furry friends.  People are often surprised that their dogs run into The Mutt Hutt Too instead of stopping at the door and trying to escape! 

Jen: "I started out as a part-time "bather" in 1992.  I wasn't too sure that this was the job I really wanted.  I soon realized how much I loved working with animals so I took it a step further and pursued how to become a professional groomer. I attended grooming school for a short while. Unfortunately I wasn't learning what it takes to be a good groomer so I sought out individual training from a "seasoned Master groomer and was taught one-on-one. After many years of working side by side with a her, I obtained many of the skills you just "can't" learn in grooming school. Being a groomer allows me to be around animals all day and be creative in a field that's changing all the time. I feel very fortunate to have a job where I love what I do and I can fulfill my passion for the love of animals.

Meet Ashley.  Ashley is with our IT department.  She is also our recreational director and can often be found on Saturdays hanging around in the back room playing with all the dogs.  And just in case you are wondering if we groom BIG dogs....the "belt" Ashley is wearing is a collar that belongs to one of our favorite customers; a St. Bernard.

You're my favorite...don't tell the others...

Never, ever miss out on the opportunity to be silly. 

Meet the girls; Alice, Blanche and Diva.  They are part of the quality control team.  First to try out a new comfy bed or a new American made shampoo or fragrance. They also happily volunteer to be our models for all of our photo shoots. Nice work, ladies!